Patio doors are very popular in modern homes as they allow easy access from the home to the garden and also allow a lot of light into a room.  Patio doors are available in three distinct opening styles, sliding, hinged and folding.  Each of these styles require different locking solutions.

Sliding Patio Door Locks

By far the most common type of patio door is the simple sliding door, these are made up of two doors, one that is fixed in place and the second that slides left and right, open and closed.  A handle and locking mechanism will be found on the leading edge of the sliding door, the handle is used to open and close the door while the locking system is used to secure the door to the door frame.  Modern patio doors are supplied with a multi point locking device that uses a number of hooks and bolts to secure the door to the frame.  The bolts and hooks not only provide a locking action, they also restrict upward movement of the door, a technique that can been used to gain entry to a property.

Extra locks can be fitted to a patio door, these will provide a secondary lock and depending on location, extra protection against any attempted lift attack.  Specially designed patio door locks can be purchased in pairs or on their own, these are best fitted to the top or bottom of the doors, with the locking bolt inserted into the sliding door. New to the market is the Ivess Lock, an anti lift device for sliding patio doors.

Hinged Patio Door Security

Sometimes referred to as French Doors, hinges patio doors are being produced in UPVC rather than high maintenance wood!  This change of material has made them more popular over the last few years.  With most standard double doors, one is closed and bolted in place with bolts top and bottom, the second door then closes and locks to the first door.  A standard multi point lock is used to secure both doors together.  A security weakness with any double doors is found with the first door that closes, this door can only be secured at the top and bottom with locking bolts.  A new security device specially designed for double patio doors is the Patlock, this simple locking device fits over the internal door handles, this then stops the handles from turning and opening the doors.

Folding Patio Doors

Folding doors or Bi-Fold doors have become the must have for new builds over the last few years, they allow the outside in to a property.  Due to their size bi fold doors can be difficult to secure.  Mortice bolts, locks that are fitted inside the door, can be used top and bottom with the locking bolt going up into the celling or down into the ground.  A secure multi point locking mechanism, similar to a standard sliding patio door, will be used on the edge of the folding door to make the final connection between the door and frame.

Cylinder Locks with Patio Doors

As with most UPVC door, the lock cases found in patio doors is operated by a cylinder lock, these use a cylinder key that when inserted into the cylinder allows the cam to spin around and lock and unlock the door.  For all external doors it is recommended to fit a high security cylinder with anti, bump, snap, drill and pick resistance. 

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The choice and availability of gates is almost endless, as gate are available in many shapes, sizes materials and security levels the locks that are used to protect these gates also vary enormously. The average home owners will think of a gate as the one that protects his garden, a business owner might think of the gates that protect an office car park, whereas a farmer or land owner will consider the wooden or metal gates that protects their land.

Garden Gates Office Gates

Gate locks can fall into two categories, those that lock and secure a gate, and those that hold a gate in the closed position, know as latches.  Smaller gates, and those that are found on homes are more likely to have a gate latch, these will hold the gate in a closed position but offer no locking function.  Gate latches come in many styles to suit gate style and personal preference, these can be operated by one or both side, some even incorporate a spring to hold the gate firmly closed.

When looking to secure a gate, many factors need to be taken into consideration, who needs access, from which side, how secure does it need to be, what material is the gate made of, only once these questions have been answered, can you start to choose an appropriate lock.

Electronic Gate Locks

For sites or building that have an access control system, electronic gate locks can be used, these allow gates to be opened remotely, or by way of a code entry or swipe card.  Electronic gate locks will often be supplied with a key override that will allow access to a key holder or emergency exit in the case of power failure, these locks are normally found on high security gates.

Mortice Gate Locks

Locks that are fitted into the edge of a door are known as mortice locks, large metal and wooden gates can use mortice locks very well, these can be operated by a mortice key or cylinder lock which allows a gate to be easily included into a keyed alike or master key suite.


Gates can be secured with the use of a padlock, these can be in conjunction with a hasp or chain.  Chains are more likely to be used with a metal set of gates, with the chain easily passing through any holes in the gate.  Padlock hasps can easily be fitted to wooden gates, supplied screws make fitting very easy and allow a padlock to secure a gate.

Combination Bolts

For easy access to many people, combination bolts from Squire and Yale are available to secure gates.  Very much like a standard sliding bolt, where a bolt is attached to the main gate then slide across to engage with a small keep, the combination bolt allows this same locking function but movement is only allows when correct combination is entered.


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Locks for metal doors that are found on commercial properties and shops are different to more standard locks.  Metal is a lot stronger than wood which allows metal doors to be hollow and a lot thinner than wooden doors, this however then makes lock fitting harder as there is less material to mount a lock too.

Alpro have been producing mechanical components since 1938, and now offer a wide range of locks for metal doors and associated accessories.  Their range includes dead and hook bolt locks and also deadlocking latch cases.

Alpro Dead Lock Case with Screw in Cylinder

Alpro Dead Lock Case
with screw in cylinder

 Alpro Hooklock Case with Screw in Cylinder

Alpro Hook Lock case
with screw in cylinder

Alpro Deadlocking Latch Lock with Euro Cylinder 

Alpro Deadlocking latch
with euro cylinder

The deadlocking latch locks can also be used as part of an access control system with release system, when the door is closed the lock will automatically deadlock its self, handles can be fitted to the inside of a door to allows exit at any time.  The dead and hook bolt locks require a cylinder on each side of the door to operate the bolt, these locks do not automatically re lock when the door is closed.  The round screw in cylinder that is fitted to the deadlock and hooklock cases can be in the format of key or thumb-turn, an internal thumb-turn can be used to provide free exit by anyone and ideal for emergency exit. 

The range of Alpro Locks is available with differing case sizes between 40mm and 57mm, this allow the locking cylinder to be moved away from the edge of the door.  As standard these locks are not supplied with the finishing face plate, the above dead and hook lock do not have a faceplate, whereas the latchbolt lock does.  Faceplates can be supplied either flat, radius or radius with a weatherstrip.

Alpro door locks can be purchased from here

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New from Baton Security Products is a range of high security solid brass padlock with a chrome plated body, this 'Maxi' security locks uses a disc detainer locking mechanism along with 2 ball bearing to offer great levels of security.  The solid brass body with chrome plating give these padlocks excellent weather protection even when exposed to the British Weather!  Baton 6020 padlocks include some excellent security features that you would normally find with much more expensive locks, the key retaining option is a nice touch and stops the chance of ever leaving the padlock unsecured.

Baton 6020 Open Shackle Padlock

Baton 6020 Open Shackle Padlock

Baton 6020 Long Shackle Padlock

Baton 6020 Long Shackle Padlock

Available in a range of sizes and with standard open shackle and long shackle options, these padlocks are ideal for high security marine use, or any where that is open to the elements.  With prices starting from just £18.86 you can't go wrong with this padlock.

The Baton 6020 can be brought via this site -

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New from Asec Security is a range of mortice lock kits that use a cylinder to operate, these lock kits have be tested and certified to British Standards for both keyed exit and keyless exit making them secure, good looking and offering small cylinders keys to operate.  As with most standard mortice locks, these new Asec Locks are available with case depths of 64mm (2.5") and 76mm (3") and with finishes of brass and satin chrome.

For a look to conform with BS3621 it must have a deadlocking bolt that can be operated from either side with a removable key, the new lock kits utilise a Euro profile cylinder to operate the deadbolt and provide protection.  As the cylinder with these locks protrudes from the door, unlike lever operated mortice locks where the key goes into the lock case, protection is required around the cylinder to prevent a force attack, this is provided by a pair of Euro Escutcheons that sit around each end of the cylinder. Asec BS Deadlock with Euro Cylinder
Asec Keyless Exit BS Lock The second lock in this new range is supplied with a key and turn cylinder, with key on the outside to open the door and turn knob on the inside to exit at any time.  The BS8621 lock standard has been created to cover doors that need to be secure, but also allow anyone to exit in an emergency, such as the lobby area of a block of flats.  When fitting these locks, care should be taken to ensure that letter boxes or windows are not in easy reach of the lock, so the lock is not compromised by reaching into a property and operating the lock.
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The award winning Cable and Window Restrictor manufactured by Jackloc is incredibly versatile and consequently suitable for public properties, homes and commercial appliances.  

British Standard tested BS EN 14351-1:2006 and BS EN 13126-5:2011 make this high performance Jackloc restrictor a great safeguard on all buildings such as Care Homes, Hospitals, Nurseries, Hotels, Schools, Universities and many more.  Far exceeding the requirements of both British and European standards the Jackloc is well known for its strength and safety, manufactured with child safety in mind.  

The Jackloc comprises of three main parts.  Part A - the body, Part B - the swivel body and Part C - the bullet.
Jackloc Window Restrictor

Fitting is simple.
It’s recommended to place Part A in the desired position on your window frame or cill and mark the screw holes.  Repeat this action for Part B on the opening window frame, ensuring the window is closed during installation.  Parts A and B can be fitted either vertically or horizontally depending on your own personal preference.  
It’s advisable to drill pilot holes with a 3mm drill bit for Part A and Part B.  The Jackloc is supplied with size 8 security clutch screws, so be aware that once they are fitted, they can not be unscrewed.

To operate the Jackloc, ensure that Part C is pushed into the lock housing of Part A and turn the supplied key to the locked position.  Pulling on the cable will confirm it is secure.  The key must be used to unlock the restrictor as well as lock.  The bullet can only be removed when the key is in the unlocked position making this product an incredible safety measure installed with ease.  As quoted by Jackloc ‘the price of safety can not be measured’.

The Jackloc window restrictor is very versatile and can be fitted to every type of window and door opening including Wooden, uPVC, Steel and aluminium doors and windows.

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Union have further added to their new StrongBolt series of locks with lock cases operated by cylinder locks.  The new lock cases are available in sash and deadlock variants with the option of Euro or Oval cylinder operation in the normal 2.5" (68mm) and 3" (81mm) case depths.

The full range of Union StrongBolt locks includes many features that you would normally find on much more expensive locks. Features such as;

  • Easily reversible latch bolt on sashlocks with the unique Union SwitchLatch technology,
  • Anti rattle adjustable strike, for on-site fine tuning,
  • Plastic splinter guard* for easy installation and a professional finish.

Union StronBolt Oval Deadcase

StrongBolt 21OV Oval Deadcase

Union StrongBolt Euro Sashcase

StrongBolt 22EU Euro Sashcase

With either a brass or Satin finish these new lock cases will suit all locking requirements and are ideal for internal office doors that use a master key suite.

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The Hardie ground anchor has been uniquely designed and engineered to deter the most determined thieves. Not only can it withstand over 8 tonnes of force but has been awarded the 'Sold Secure Gold Status' making this anchor virtually indestructible.

Hardie Ground Anchor

It doesn’t take more than a few seconds for a thief to take off with a motorbike, even when fitted with a disc lock or chain. (unless it’s chained to something.) Attaching your bike to something solid and secure such as the Hardie ground anchor makes it much less likely it will be stolen.
The Hardie ground anchor is not just suitable for motorbikes - it can also be used to protect bicycles, cars, caravans, quad bikes, ride-on lawnmowers and horse trailers. Virtually anything you don't want stolen. When not in use, the eye can be folded flat, allowing a vehicle to drive over the anchor, this give endless possible locations for the Hardie Anchor.


Hardie Secure Ground Anchor

Fitting of this ground anchor is fast and easy, the kit even contains the required drill bit and full instructions. Careful consideration of the ground anchor position should be considered before any holes are drilled.  Ensure the site for the ground anchor has suitable space either side so that the securing chain can be thread through the eye, also consider where the item to be locked will sit, not fitting the ground anchor in the corner of two walls for example.

At just £45 this ground anchor offers exceptionally security levels coupled with value for money.

The Strongest, simplest, most revolutionary ground anchor EVER!!

Hardie ground anchor can be purchased here

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Happy New Year to all our readers, hope your year is safe and secure.

2014 is going to be very busy for the team at lock guide, we have lots of product reviews for you and many new lock articles giving you the best advice for all types of lock for the home.

We would like to say a big thank you to everyone that has visited our site over the past year, we hope that the information contained within this site has been useful to you, we can't quite believe that another year has past, it really is true what they say.........the older you get the faster time goes!

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With Christmas upon us it is important to consider home security during the festive time.  Our homes are particularly vulnerable during this time as they can be unattended and full of expensive gifts. 

Lock all doors and windows
Thieves will always seek out an easy target, unlocked windows and doors are like candy to a kid, so don't give criminals an easy ride.  Make sure that all doors and windows have a suitable locks and make sure that all are locked when the house is unattended, this includes all upstairs windows.  If you have any outside Christmas lights make sure the power cables for these lights are not run through an open window, instead fit an external power socket or use solar powered flashing lights.

Make your home look occupied
Burglary prevent is partly about perception, a house that looks occupied is less likely to be targeted.  Internal lighting can be used to good effect, timer switches on lights will give the impression of someone at home, a TV simulator could also be used to mimic the screen motion of a television set. Curtains should be closed when it gets dark.

Away over Christmas?
Many people go away for Christmas leaving homes empty for a few days, it is therefore important not to advertise this fact.  Ensure that any deliveries are cancelled, this includes milk and post, Royal Mail offer a handy Keepsafe™ service which will hold onto mail until you return.  Try to avoid advertising the fact that you are away on social media, criminals now use Facebook and twitter to target empty houses.

Protect your valuables

With the prices of small home safes at an all time low, these are now popular items for home security.  Small safes can be bolted to the ground or a wall and hidden in a cupboard or under the stairs, high value items such as jewellery can then be safely secured away.  During the Christmas period gift receipts can also be stored in a safe to prove purchase and cost just in case the worst was to happen.  Car keys are also at risk from intruders, homes are sometimes targeted just to get access to a set of vehicle keys, however a small key safe could be used to store and lock the keys.

Have a very Merry Christmas, look after your lovely new gifts and don't forget home security.  Also remember to look out for others and report anything suspicious.

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Yale KF1 Digital Door Lock Digital door locks are slowly growing and becoming more popular over time. This particular Yale KF1 key free door locking system uses the latest technology to make life so much easier.

Keys are a necessity to every day life, locking and securing our most precious belongings, but with the Yale Keyfree digital door lock you can say bye to keys and be introduced to a digital lock that operates by PIN code or remote control. We use remotes to unlock our cars and now we can use them to unlock our front doors. Its simple, no more rummaging around handbags or pockets to find keys and no more keys to lose.    

Some of the KF1 features include an alarmed door lock that has a built in 80db alarm that will sound if the keypad area is damaged or tampered with. If the circuit board of the outer handle is damaged the damage alarm will sound, making it a great deterrent for any intruders trying to gain access.

It includes a remote control system which is used to unlock your door “remotely”.

Yale KF1 Digital Door Lock with remote

An emergency power back up has been installed which consists of a 9V battery source that can be used if your batteries run out and you will get warnings when batteries are low. Not only will a red LED light flicker to indicate low battery but the built in voice guide will sound “low battery”.

The electronic PIN code system allows you to unlock and open the door conveniently with a PIN code of your choice.  To prevent your PIN code from being exposed, Yale Keyfree allows you to enter decoy numbers before and after entering your nominated PIN code, this is called a fake PIN code and has been installed to achieve higher security.

Insurance approved and secured by design approved the KF1 is ideal for your main entrance locking system. It comes with a 2 year guarantee and corresponds with the Yale Doormaster or YS170 multipoint locks.

Yale KF1 can be brought here -

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As from Monday 2nd December Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies will become a stand alone company from Ingersoll Rand and will be known as Allegion.  The new Allegion company will have it's headquaters in Ireland with regional sites in USA, Belgium and China. Allegion Logo

For more than a century, we have been pioneers in developing products that help keep people safe where they live, work and visit,” said Dave Petratis, Allegion chairman, president and CEO. “This is an opportunity to carry forward the best of Allegion’s heritage, expertise and entrepreneurial roots while becoming bolder at capitalizing on major trends in commercial and residential security. As a global enterprise, we will continue to lead the industry in defining and raising the standards for safety and security everywhere.”

Allegion (pronounced uh-lee-juh n) provides mechanical and electronic locks for homes and businesses in more than 120 countries. It sells products under 23 brands of which the lock brands are Legge, Briton, CISA and Kryptonite.

Legge Locks
The Legge range of locks concentrates on Lever Locks and Nightlatches.  From a simple tubular mortice door latch to a high specification British Standard 5 Lever Lock, the Legge brand has them all.  Legge locks can also be purchased in a range of colours to suit your existing door furniture.


For over 100 years, the Briton brand has been the leader in door controls and exit hardware with lock products more designed for commercial use. 

Cisa Cylinders

CISA is a world leading brand of Cylinders, padlocks and access control equipment, all of which can be found in residential and commercial applications.  Formed back in 1926 CISA is known for producing the first electrically controlled lock.


A global leader in action sports security, Kryptonite are the creator of the original and world famous bicycle u-lock back in 1971.  Kryptonite's range of high-quality cables, chains, U-locks and flexible security is sold in over 50 countries around the world.


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For some time now patio doors have been vulnerable to lift attacks, a method whereby the sliding door is lifted out of it's track and allowing access to a property.

The Ivess Lock solves this problem with a unique locking bolt that is angled into the sliding door to restrict upwards movement.  The main lock body of the Anti Lift device is fitted to the frame of the patio door lock, the bolt is then pushed into the door.
With a lightly sprung pin this lock is easy to use by anyone.

Ivess Patio Door Lock

As featured on Dragons Den, the anti lift device has a very simple locking method, the spring loaded bolt is withdrawn by simply pulling the large black knob, when fully retracted the knob can be twisted left or right to hold the pin in the open position.  When retracted the Ivess lock pin is an extra 1.5cm further out than normal, this allows for an easy visual check to make sure the patio door is secure.

Ivess Anti Lift Patio Door Lock

Fitting of this patio door lock is very easy, and made even easier with the fitting template that is included with all packs.  Simply remove lock from packaging, the cardboard insert when unfolded is used as a template to fit the lock, the lock is supplied with 2 self drilling holes for easy installation.

Multiple Ivess locks can be used for increased security, these extra locks can be fitted to the top and bottom of the sliding door section and even on the side rail.

Secure ventilation can also be achieved with the Ivess lock, by the addition of a second hole for the locking pin slightly further along the door sill.  With a second hole, the lock can be used to hold the door in a slightly open position, allowing good ventilation but restricting the door to be opened further, this is great protection for pets and children.

This patio door lock is not locked with the use of a key, where this function allows for easy use, it could also allow an easy exit point for an intruder who made entry via another door or window.

Ivess lock can be purchased from

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Crime statistics show that home burglaries increase by 60% during the darker nights of autumn and winter, as thieves use the cover of darkness to break in.  We have created these winter home security tips to stop you becoming another statistic! 

Simple techniques can be used through the winter months to improve the overall levels of home security, that won't cost much or require a specialist to install.  A timer switch on an inside light would give the impression that someone was home, like wise curtains give the impression of people being in, make sure these are drawn during the night, but then opened during the day.
A TV simulator is a new LED device that simulates the flicking of a television set.  This simple battery operated unit comes on automatically when it gets dark, bright LEDs then start to illuminate, mimicking the glow from a TV set.

Door locks

Ensure that front and back doors are fitted with a good quality fully working British Standard Lock.  During the festive period callers to your door will increase as friends and family make their annual visit, however it is important to remember that not all callers are so friendly, a door chain and door viewer will allow identification of callers with out the need to open the door fully. British Standard Night Latch Lock

Window Locks

Window Handle Lock All windows, especially ground floor windows should be fitted with locks.  Intruders will always try to avoid smashing a window as this can be very noisy, instead they will try and force a weak window out from it's frame.  Automatic window locks are the most suitable type of lock.

Alarm system

Home alarms systems can be an excellent visual deterrent for would be thieves and also act to alter neighbours .  The bell box should be situated in a very obvious position on the front of the house.  Wireless alarm kits are now readily available, these offer very easy fitting options, basic kits can be used to cover small flats to large family homes, easy to install accessories can also be added at a later date. Wireless Home Alarm

Home safes

Home Safe A small home safe can be used to secure small valuable items such as jewellery.  Car keys can also be stored in the safe, this will prevent the increasing threat of house break ins, specially to gain access to car keys.  Small safes can easily be hidden away from sight, under the stairs for example, they should also be bolted to a solid wall or the ground.  Electronic safes are now very popular with a simple key pad operation to unlock.

Secure garage and sheds

Outbuildings, garages and sheds are attractive to criminals due to their often low security levels and high value contents.  Garages can be very tempting for intruders, large garage doors can be difficult to secure and often contain expensive items such as bikes and garden equipment.  All door to external buildings should be secured with a high quality weatherproof padlock with suitable haps and staple. Weatherproof padlock

For further advice on crime reduction or if you have a specific concern, please get in contact with us.

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National Home Security Month is running during the month of October, the scheme, run by Yale, promotes home security as winter creeps up on us and the darker nights arrive.  Each week has a different theme all based around home security, these are as follows;

1st October – 6th October
Crime in your area – what’s the risk?

7th October – 13th October
Secure your doors and windows.

14th October – 20th October
Protect your valuables.

21st October – 27th October
Outside protection.

28th October – 31st October
Future home security.

National Home Security Month

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Summer has finally arrived here in the UK, most of us are now enjoying time in the garden or days out, but don't let all the sun go to your head and forget about security, especially garden security.

Often forgotten about, garden security is the first line of defence to overall home security, here are a few easy to implement pointers;

  • Lighting - Install security lights to illuminate dark corners and places anyone could hide.
  • Gravel - Lay gravel paths around the property, these are noisy when walked over alerting occupants of someone approaching.
  • Fit extra locks and security to shed and out houses.
  • Hide or lock any ladders that are left outside, these could be used to gain access to an upstairs window.
  • Prickly shrubs or bushes can deter anyone from entering a garden.
  • Securely lock side gate and doors.
  • Ground Anchors can be used to secure valuable items such as bikes or lawn mowers.
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Designed for UPVC doors without the need to screw into the door and void any manufacturer warranty this door security chain allows residents to identify caller before fully opening the door. The secure ring incorporates a special ring that hooks around door handle restricting how far a door can be opened, when not in use the ring attached to fixing on the wall by means of a magnet.


Secure Ring Door Restrictor

Available in White, Black and bronze colours to suit all doors the Secure Ring is easy to fit and very simple to use. Place ring around the door handle, this allows you to answer the door and safely ask, who it is. Simply lift up the door restrictor part of the Secure-Ring to allow the chain to be lengthened enough to safely see the caller. Simply remove the ring off the handle and attach it against the magnet on the door restrictor part of the security door chain.

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New from Asec Security, a Padlock and Chain Set with handy carry bag

Asec Padlock and Chain Set

Supplied with an 85mm Straight Shackle Padlock, 1.5mm Chain with 10mm square links and convenient carry bag, this make for an ideal lock set that can be stored in a van for easy use.  Supplied chain includes protective cover, this prevents any damage caused to whatever is being secured.

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New from Squire a high security combination Padlock, operated by 5 dials giving over 100,000 possible combinations. Constructed from hardened steel for the lock body and alloy steel for the shackle, with a protective lock body cover for extra high security. This range of SS50 padlocks also feature an electrophoretic finish for excellent resistance against corrosion, the dials on this model can also withstand 200 hours exposure to salt spray. With a full recodeable set of 5 dials with 10 digits and good spacing in this high security padlock it can be used for all security needs.


Squire High Security Combination Padlock

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A MYSTERY Scottish artist has placed almost 2,000 padlocks across the country as part of a project to encourage free love. An Aberdeen artist, known only as Dymagate, has hidden his Freelove Padlocks and their keys in his home city, Dundee, Glasgow and London.

Most of the locks – decorated with a love heart – have been attached to railings in public areas.

Locks of Love

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